Contour Components is the vendor of Business Intelligence platform Contour BI.

Our company carries data warehousing and report publishing projects, and builds analytical information systems in governments and corporations.

Contour Components provides innovative Business Intelligence platform Contour BI, intended for collecting, warehousing, publishing, and analyzing statistical and business information.

Publishing Information

Contour BI platform allows building solutions for publishing statistical data to the general public, or corporate information for the personnel of a distributed company, m form of interactive reports displaying information in comprehensive tables, charts, and maps. Users can pivot the reports, filter data and change views for better and faster understanding of data.

Collecting, Warehousing, and Exchanging Data

Data Warehouse Contour DWH is a fast-to-deploy, simple-to-use, and yet powerful product for building global data collecting systems, consolidating information, storing large amounts of historical data. Contour DWH is built with web service technology, and dynamic models. It supports multiple formats for collecting data: international Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX), and plain text CSV with XML.

Decision Center

Contour Decision Center is the automating solution for meetings in corporations and governmental agencies, a platform for decision making solutions, situational centers, manager dashboards. It is built on Business Intelligence technology and allows consolidation of various information on one screen without programming efforts of technical experts.